Computers and Laptops

If you don’t have access to a computer or struggle to use one, we have some home computers which we can pass on to people who would benefit from them. We also have laptops and a portable wireless internet connector so we can set up computers at your group, or…

Need some help?

If you are part of a group in Keighley and the Worth Valley which doesn’t receive ongoing funding, or want to set up a new group, you are eligible to apply for support from The Welcome Project. Would you like to look at being self-sustainable? Are you short of members or…


More about groups

Read more about the following groups : CLICKs Facebook Page here Rooftop Café Facebook Page here Wellbeing Cafes Bronte Lunch Club- contact us


Sounding Out

Have you or your group got something to say? Andy and Shona can set up a sound booth for you to say your piece and choose a favourite track to broadcast on our Community Radio programme at Jam Radio. Don’t be shy, get in touch and have some fun with…