Are you NOSHY?

Perhaps you have acquired a label you are not too fond of. Someone wants to put you in a pigeon hole because you have a ‘learning disability’, ‘mental health problem’ or something else.

Personally, I don’t like the word ‘disabled’. It means ‘prevented from working’ which makes me laugh when someone points out the ‘disabled toilet’ (as opposed to an accessible toilet)!

We all have things we are not very good at. I can’t do sums in my head and I can’t fix my car. Fortunately I know people who can do that sort of thing and luckily I am not given a label for that. I don’t have to go to a group that’s just for people who don’t know how to fix their car where we can all stand around looking puzzled together because everyone’s car is broken, nobody can fix it and we are going nowhere!

We hope when you network with people over a common interest, whether it’s growing things, making things, or fixing things that you can all forget the things you’re not so good at and enjoy shining at the things you are.

You are Not On the Scrap Heap Yet, so we hope you will be inspired to get involved in something and know that you are Welcome.

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