Member’s Pledge


The Welcome Project is a Cooperative.  Members will shape the future of the project. Anyone can join, but we ask that you share our ethos.

You are Welcome where I go.

(If you are part of a group and someone new comes along, please make them feel welcome.

Be observant of people on their own and be aware that they maybe anxious about joining an established group. You might offer to fetch someone a drink or introduce them to others.)

You are welcome to talk to me.

(A lot of people feel awkward about striking up a conversation. If you find it easy, make the first move.)

You are welcome to ask

(Giving people permission to ask is a good thing. If they don’t tell you, how do you know? We expect members to offer some ‘neighbourly’ help. You might lend something, offer to do small tasks, and also ask others to help you with things you know they are good at,  but please only do things you are comfortable with. For example, if you don’t know someone very well, you might not want them to enter your home.  You are welcome to say ‘no’!)

You are also welcome to ask us at The Welcome Project! If that ‘bit of neighbourly help’ is getting too much, or you are worried about someone, we can offer the right kind of services to help.

Membership currently costs £1. This gives you a vote to shape our future.  . Contact us to join.

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