If you would like to join our cooperative, you can do so by completing the form on the contact us page.

Membership is £2 per annum, replacement badges are £2.


We recognise that a community is made up of people with a variety of skills, talents and needs. From talking to people, often the greatest barrier to helping each other out is the fear of offending others.

By joining The Welcome Project we are saying:

1. You are welcome where I go

( If someone in my group or community has a disability or support needs, I will be tolerant and offer support if I can)

2. You are welcome to talk to me

(I won’t think badly of you if you need someone to talk to)

3. You are welcome to ask

(You can ask for my help. If I can’t help, I will say so)

4. You are welcome to ask me

(if you think I could use some help, I won’t be offended if you ask me.)



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