About Us


The Welcome Project was set up by social worker Shona Grange in 2011 together with some older people and carers who weren’t happy with the types of activities available for those in retirement.

Many people did not wish to go to a group for ‘older people’ and felt that activities were of no interest and based on assumptions of what people in retirement (often war songs and bingo!) so we set out to help people set up the kinds of activities they did want.

We now work with adults of all ages to help them have the lives they want.

A lot of people we spoke to did not want to focus on their problems but instead wanted to use their various talents, work and life skills to do something positive for others or their community. Most of them did not want to be viewed as ‘service-users’, charity cases, or a burden on others.

We believe that working together to achieve a common aim does more to build up friendships and support than providing people with a service.We call this way of working ‘co-production’ and simply means that the people themselves design  and make things happen for themselves. We are here to support, not as service providers.The groups are not reliant on ongoing funding. Wherever possible we try to make groups and activities self-reliant within two years.

Of course not everything is free, so we rely on those who can to support those who can’t. We are a registered cooperative with Companies House and operate through donations of time, talent and dedication.

If you would like to support our work with your talents and skills (and by this anything from making a good cup of tea, or being a good listener is fantastically helpful!)

If you are able to support our work financially, please call into the Welcome Place Café at the Shared Church Hall (next to Morrisons in Keighley) in person on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or you can send a donation through Paypal to welcome.project@btinternet.com.

You can use the same address to email us if you are interested in fundraising.


Images used with kind permission from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation who highlighted the issues of loneliness in a recent study in Bradford.

You can find out more by visiting their site here


The Welcome Project is a co-operative Community Interest Company. This means that any profit generated by The Welcome Project will be reinvested to continue to support groups and individuals remain independent and its development will be determined by its members. Currently it is funded by donations, although individual projects we support may have seed funding.