Volunteers wanted

We have opportunities for people to help us in the following ways:

Help growing food in your own space or through our partners’ spaces across Keighley.

Help cooking, serving or talking to café customers

We have a variety of volunteers who are able-bodied, have a disability or illness from different backgrounds and of all ages.  Whoever you are, you will find a warm welcome and a lack of unneccessary formalities! If you are interested, please contact us! x

4 thoughts on “Volunteers wanted”

  1. cj gregory says:

    I am an experienced cook and would like more information on volunteering

    1. Shona Grange says:

      Hi, Thank you for making contact. I will email you some info.

  2. Looks like amazing work. I have some time I can offer and some skills.
    Really great to see this happening on my doorsteps. Hat’s off. x

  3. Shona Grange says:

    Thanks for making contact Michael. We’ll look forward to working with you!

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