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What’s it all about?

As a social worker, I have visited a whole range of people with different health problems. Most of them either lived alone or had a partner who needed help themselves. But they mostly had one thing in common. They hadn’t thought about what would happen if they were too ill to manage on their own.

A few years back, I broke my arm and I am only too aware of how difficult it is to do basic things like wash, dress or make a meal. Luckily I had my family to help, but not everyone has family nearby.

Of course, people are entitled to be assessed for some help, but….

1. Isn’t Social Care Free?

Someone has a bad fall, or a stroke. Before going home, they are told they will need a bit of help at home until they recover; perhaps to get their clothes on or to make a meal.  After the initial assessment period, if they need ongoing support, it has to be paid for and that can come as a bit of shock!

2. Home care, day care and residential care

Most people find it stigmatising and frustrating to have to have strangers come into their house to help. Not many people like the idea that they would have to go somewhere too be ‘cared for’. For some, this is their worst nightmare about getting older!

3. Help with shopping, ironing and your pet

People are often surprised that this sort of help isn’t available unless it’s paid for.

4. Feeling lonely and depressed

Often these needs can go undetected. When someone is depressed it takes longer to recover from illness.

It all sounds a bit depressing doesn’t it?  Yet with a bit of forward planning, we can start to build up our friendship circles locally so that if and when the time comes, we have people we can trust to look out for us.  It has to start with individuals which is why we have formed a cooperative so that each member has a say in how we develop the Project.




By joining The Welcome Project you will develop informal supportive networks that will offer you a bit of help when you need it, and likewise you will offer others a little help too.

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