uThe Welcome Project is a co-operative of local people who believe that there should be no barriers to people feeling welcome and valued in their communities. We promote positive mental health by providing opportunities for people to do things for themselves and others. 

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Who Are We?

Shona, Andy and Geoff at The Welcome Project are here to help people achieve the things they want to happen in their community without having to wait for someone else to do it.

You can read more about what we are doing and why here

 Get Involved

If you need a little support or would like to volunteer some time, please get in touch.

email us from our contact page,

Our aim is that nobody need feel lonely or isolated in the Keighley area!

Positive Minds

The Welcome Project is part of  Positive Minds. Together with other organisations across Bradford we are aim to raise awareness about depression and to dispel the myth that it is part of the ageing process.

We have used mediums such as internet and radio to help people whose depression is related to isolation or anxiety. Our aim is that it will help people to feel connected and part of their community regardless of age.

More about Positive Minds can be found here